1. How long can battery last after restored by Renewcell?

SOH (Status of Health) of aged battery will became almost new one after restoration by Renewcell. Therefore battery can be used until plates are wear and tear if we monitor, maintain and restore it regularly.

2. How many times battery can be restored?
Flooded type of maintenance battery can be used 1,000 cycles. Whereas maintenance free AGM is 250 cycles and GEL is 500 cycles. If we restore aged battery by Renewcell after topping up distilled water to AGM and GEL regularly according to status, we can restore battery min 2 to 4 times. It means maintenance free battery become maintenance battery.
3. What is principle of Renewcell?
If Renewcell deliver high frequency of pulse based on negative pulse method to impurities on plates that formed from charging and discharging, corona discharge effect can be made on impurities insulated and high frequency of pulse will activate, revert , and return sulfuric acid to electrolyte.
4. Why Renewcell is superior to others?
If battery or battery bank is aged, some of cells become inferior to others normally due to many reasons. Ah capacity of these bad cells is much lower than others. Finally these cells greatly affect to total Ah capacity (about 50% of smallest cell Ah capacity) and will be damaged by charging and discharging because bad cells cannot be repaired by normal charger and charger also cannot give more energy to bad cells only in case all batteries or cells are linked in series. Original charger has to charge aged battery or battery bank according to its status but it always deliver same energy to aged battery or battery bank, But Renewcell can connect only 1 cell to Max 8 cells according to situation.
5. Renewcell is charger?
Basically Renewcell is not normal charger but battery activator. If charger cannot charge aged battery any longer, Renewcell can charge it and can make it clean.
6. Can we restore all aged batteries?
Statically 30% of batteries has physical damage and 70% of batteries is dead because of sulphation.  Renewcell can restore this 70% of batteries.
7. What is the relationship between temperature and battery?
Battery is chemical product and we use power from chemical reaction in battery. Chemical reaction is always affected by temperature. Flooded type of battery has to be under 50 ℃ and VRLA (SLA) battery has to be under 40 ℃ .
8. What kind of battery is the best for battery regeneration by Renewcell?
AGM and GEL are the best than flooded type of battery for Renewcell. If we top up distilled water to each cell, most of batteries can be restored by Renewcell.
9. How long does it take for battery regeneration by Renewcell?
In case of 600Ah it will takes about 6 to 10 hours according to SOH.
10. What capacity of Ah can be restored by Renewcell?
No limitation of Ah capacity if we operate Renewcell at non-stop mode. In case of 3,650Ah , 14 years old battery was restored after 7 days.
11. What are advantages of Renewcell?
If aged battery become good and healthy status, clients can save battery cost as well as electric cost.
12. How long is life span of Renewcell?
It is almost semi-permanent but we need to give break time regularly.
13. How much is power consumption?
Power consumption of Renewcell is 400 to 600 Watt